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Wondering what’s happening in America, and what you can do about it?

Here’s what Tom Hach, Free Ohio Now says:

  • Axiom: If people don’t want to be free, they won’t be, because every generation includes those who want to rule over all the rest!
  • Corollary: If people DO want to be free, they have to earn it!  But today there’s no place for us to invest our time, effort and money to earn our freedom.

At the Ohio Barnstorming Tour, discover how you, your family, friends and neighbors can invest time, effort and money to earn your freedom, starting locally in your own communities.  People just like you from Free Ohio Now, Ohio Freedom Action Network (OhioFAN) and across the state have come together to form Working Groups:

  • Ohio Election Integrity Network:  For free and fair elections
  • The Ohio Roundtable (roundtableohio.com): Media powered by citizen journalists
  • Ohio School Board Constitutional Coalition: Support constitutionally-minded school board members

The goal of the BARNSTORMING TOUR is to recruit people just like you to volunteer for the Working Groups in order to work together to earn our collective freedom and personal sovereignty!  

More to come!

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2. Circle Model Video

3. The Righteous Mind Video

4. The Biblical vs. The Unholy Video

URGENT – CALL to ACTION for the Ohio House

Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 8:55 p.m.

BACKGROUND: In November, Ohioans voted in a super majority of 67 Republicans to the Ohio House, only to have this super majority hijacked by 22 dishonorable and unethical Ohio House Republicans who joined with all 32 Ohio House Democrats to elect unprincipled Rep. Stephens as Speaker of the House instead of Rep. Derek Merrin, who won the Republican caucus vote for this position.

WHAT’S AT STAKE: There is little doubt, Speaker Stephens plans to sell out all conservative issues this session to appease his House Democrat base. The only way we can overcome this is to move at least 5 to 7 of the 22 turncoats to our side on specific issues. The top issue for Democrats is to support PLANNED PARENTHOOD in making abortion a constitutional right in Ohio. The way we stop them is to get an amendment to the Ohio Constitution which requires future Constitutional amendments to pass with 60% of the vote instead of the current 50% + 1.

WHO WE ARE TARGETING: Only those of the 22 dishonorable Republicans we believe are most vulnerable will be targeted for this initiative. You can find these members and their contact information below.

Dear Rep. ______________,

I was extremely shocked and irate you chose to betray me and other Republican voters who supported you by teaming with the all of the Ohio House Democrats to elect Rep. Jason Stephens as Speaker of the House. To start down the road to redemption, you must support the efforts of the Ohio Republican Caucus to pass HR 1 by February 1 to make the threshold to pass future amendments to the Ohio Constitution 60%. Not supporting this effort will prove you value abortion, the Democrats and especially PLANNED PARENTHOOD more than your own base!

I expect you to respond to this email ASAP!

List of Ohio House of Representatives to contact TODAY!


Reports of Action Taken regarding the Ohio House members who voted in Speaker Jason Stephens

  1. Master list of Ohio Counties indicating County Republican Parties’ actions taken or not (as of Feb. 2, 2023)
  2. Resolution (Censuring the 22 Republicans) approved by the Delaware County Ohio Republican Party

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Important note: Ohio Freedom Action Network (OhioFAN) encourages freedom and liberty groups to list their events on the OhioFAN 2022 events calendar including events which feature candidates for political office. The image or name of a candidate appearing on the OhioFAN calendar does not constitute endorsement of that candidate by OhioFAN.

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We welcome local action group leaders, individuals and leaders of larger organizations who would like to further the mission and vision of Ohio Freedom Action Network. There is a simple application form and a nominal annual fee. View the list of membership benefits and get the membership application form HERE. Thank you.

About the Ohio Freedom Action Network

The Ohio Freedom Action Network is a network of conservative group leaders.  We focus on what UNITES us.

Our Mission: 

The Ohio Freedom Action Network will bring together like-minded leaders from across Ohio to facilitate communication and coordinated actions in the cause of perpetuating our  God-given inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Our Vision: 

The Ohio Freedom Action Network will support conservative leaders by fostering cooperation, sharing ideas, promoting common Calls to Action, championing individual freedom and advocating for constitutionally limited government with fiscal responsibility. We will advance the principles of self-governance by promoting traditional American moral values, citizen engagement at all levels of government, and by holding our elected officials accountable to their oaths of office.

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Ohio Freedom Action Network (aka Ohio FAN) was founded in October, 2021.

Here is what we envision for the organizational workflow.

Organizational Chart for Ohio Freedom Action Network