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FRANKLIN: Judge Sharon Kennedy; Robert Owens on Art. V Convention

May 10, 2022 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm

1. Prayer, Pledge       

2. Announcements       

3. Election Integrity       

4.  Judge Sharon Kennedy, candidate for Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. She has a unique background of “solid” knowledge which has made her a “Super” candidate for CHIEF JUSTICE! She      started as a policewoman in her career and she will fill you in on the “rest of the story”!!!         

5. Robert Owens, a Lawyer and Scholar of the US Constitution will tell you the facts why the Article V Convention, though in the US Constitution is a ” means to undue and change our US Constitution               by the Left also. This subject is coming around again and the Left is much interested in having a Convention. You know the Left is not a friend!  But decide for yourself based on facts!             

Action Items: 1. Make sure you watch 2000 mules by Dinesh D’Souza.         

2. The election for 2022 is not OVER!  We need to support and WORK for Republican Candidates for the Ohio House and Senate in the August Primary. Pick one in your district, that you like and has a good possibility of winning AND beating the Democratic Left.     
Also you can’t go wrong by keeping Republican Judges on the Supreme Court bench.  “You know how important Judges are to our              lives”.             3. State Central Committe candidates are also running in the August                 Primary because “Districts” will be finalized by then.  They need                 help too!               4. Donate money for the costly ads on TV and work the “ground game                  which is necessary to win elections.               5. Don’t ignore a Trump endorsement! His base is large and active!                                                                                               Words of Wisdom Below!  ((these don’t change w/time)        There is POWER in doing “just one thing”!!       NO GOVERNMENT Agency has Jurisdiction over the TRUTH!        We have to use our Freedom, to protect our Freedom, otherwise we will lose         our Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        We are not going to be DEMEANING, but we are going to be DEMANDING!        The WORDS that you SPEAK become the house that you live in!        SNOOPY was born on DAISY FARM! (ahhhhh)               The ONLY PEOPLE THAT GET TO BE FREE ARE THE ONES THAT FIGHT FOR IT      The Vote Counters are more Important than the Voters! Joseph  Stalin                           You have the CLOCKS,we have the TIME( Taliban). Where there is Risk, there should be Choices( Vaccines)        Jesus did not quote the New Testament, not even once! WE are working on creating a MORE PERFECT UNION!        “The person that agrees with you 80% of the time is a “friend” and an “ally” not a 20%” traitor” . Ronald Reagan                                                                     The Constitution protects us from Governments not Corporations!!!    
Speak the Truth. It crumbles totalitarian systems.Solzhenitsyn       CULTURE is downstream from EDUCATION, and POLITICS is downstream from CULTURE!    Andrew Breitbart                               An unjust Law, is no Law at all. St. Augustine                   In original Greek, “Utopia” means “no place”.       Discernment is not being able to discern right from wrong, but to discern right from ” ALMOST RIGHT”.  Charles Spurgeon

About Location: Location: The Old Bag of Nails at 24 N State St., Westerville, Oh  43081                                                614-794-6900   Third level (stairs/elevator) 

Free Donations accepted
24 N. State Street
Westerville, 43081
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