Coalition to Restore Liberty

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Welcome to the home page of Free Ohio Now.  We are an active group of citizens spread out around Ohio.  We came into existence in the Spring of 2020 in response to the unlawful government mandates.

Please bookmark our website.  Questions?

Attention Ohioans!!

Take action today!  It's time for YOU to push back against the unlawful face mask mandates!  

The government has been controlling citizens and businesses in Ohio for too long!

Together we can restore liberty in Ohio.


HOW you can participate

There's a rising tide across Ohio that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and it is time we put COVID-19 behind us by reasserting control over our lives!  You know this is true because you hear it from friends, family and strangers!

You are invited to begin this journey to FIGHT THE NEW NORMAL the weekend of  February 26, 2021, and beyond when customers and business owners all across the Great State of Ohio begin honoring each other's choices regarding face masks.  We need to work together to make Ohio a face mask 'personal choice' zone!


What the pandemic is really about is the government controlling our lives!  Governor DeWine and the health establishment have used fear tactics to isolate us from each other, to make us feel powerless and to turn us against one another.

COVID-19 is real, but when 86% of the people who have died were 65 years or older and usually had other ailments, we can make rational choices on how to protect those at risk.  It is misguided, heartless and cruel to use protecting those at risk as an excuse for tanking our economy, putting people out of work, driving up domestic abuse and suicide, increasing government debt, and worst of all devastating our K-12 students' emotional and academic well-being!

We are smart enough, kind enough and good enough to both protect those at risk AND to allow the rest of us to have normal lives!


The plan is for each of us as sovereign citizens to TAKE ACTION by engaging with small business owners and educate them on:

  • The mask mandate is NOT based on law, and is, therefore, an unlawful government mandate

  • Even though unlawful, the mask mandate DOES have exemptions which need to be honored by all businesses

  • There are proven ways to effectively engage with government authorities while honoring mask exemptions for both customers and employees

Sound complicated?  It's not!  Here is WHAT you can do. 

Here are some straight-forward methods you can use with small businesses in your area:

  • FACEBOOK MESSENGER:  Many businesses have Facebook pages and subscribe to Messenger.  Via FB Messenger, send links to the documents ( from the Free Ohio Now website to businesses near you to let them know there are ways to beat the unlawful face mask mandate and that there are people backing them up.  We are in this together, and we need to let business owners know they have our support.​

  • SOFT SELL:  Print out a copy of the documents on the 'Help for Ohio Businesses' webpage ( and go for a night out.  While you're out, ask the owner or manager to come to the table, and explain what we're doing and ask them to join.  If they don't want to immediately join up, leave the packet with them and plant the seed so they join in the future.

  • COLD CALL:  Print out a copy of the documents on the 'Help for Ohio Businesses' page ( and go to the bars, restaurants and small businesses in your area and ask to speak to the owner or manager.  Explain what we're doing and ask them to join, and, if they don't want to immediately join up, leave the packet with them and plant the seed so they join in the future.

  • ASK BUSINESSES TO ORGANIZE:  Encourage business owners to reach out to one another to stand together as a united front on the unlawful face mask mandate.  We need to do our part, but, if business owners en masse said “No Mandated Face Masks” like business owners did in Italy, this tyranny would be over immediately!

  • SPREAD THE WORD TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW:  When you find a Patriot Business, i.e. a business that respects mask exemptions, use your social networks to encourage everyone you know to shop there.  We want to help and reward those businesses which stand for freedom, because when they stand for their freedom, they're standing for our freedom too!

Again, just go to and look under the 'Patriot Businesses' option at the top and in the drop-down menu click on 'Help for Businesses' or 'Help for Citizens' for the easy-to-follow resources.  You can then download or print the documents provided so you can have a conversation with your favorite bar, restaurant or other small business owner and start taking your life back from politicians and bureaucrats!

Thank you for being a great Ohio citizen taking personal responsibility for yourself and informing and supporting local business owners.  They are key to us not being continuously subjected to the demands of the government, large corporate cabal.

Questions?  Email us.

NOTE:  This information is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advise.  If you need legal advice, please consult a licensed practicing attorney.

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