GEAUGA: Carbon Dioxide is not the Climate Culprit you have been Told

How many so-called experts are telling you that we need to stop carbon emissions? At this point we have about 240 PPM of CO2 in the atmosphere. In past time we have had as much as 1000 PPM of CO2. Plants eat CO2 up and they need it. Why do we want to starve our plants? There is so many lies being spread about climate change. Come listen to Jim MacNeal (Chemist specializing in gases), Dr. Stoldt PHD (Organic Chemistry), and Sam Horowitz (International Climate Investigator) as they share insights on the reality of Climate Change and Carbon Dioxide. We need to confront the nonsense coming out of NOACA and Cleveland as the push a Marxist Climate Action Plan.

Dr. Stephen Stoldt, Ph.D. Organic Chemistry.
Holder of 18 Patents and an investigative Chemist who solved a water pollution problem when he lived in New Jersey, that resulted in Dr. Stoldt providing testimony on water quality before the US Congress. He worked may years at Lubrizol in Lake County, before retiring.

Sam Horowitz, International Climate Investigator.
Sam has worked extensively with the late Dr. Jay Lehr and the Heartland Institute to produce graphics which explain, in simple terms, complex climate data. Sam’s “10,000 dots” graphic has been seen globally with universal positive receptions. Sam has a working relationship with Lord Monckton, former Chief Science Advisor for UK Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher.

Jim MacNeal, Chemist specializing in gases and environmental analysis.
Jim has nearly 50 years of gases-specific experience and holds 15 patents. Jim has authored numerous papers and has lectured internationally on gases, HAZARDOUS Materials Emergency Response, and related equipment and technology. One of Jim’s inventions is the only gas calibration apparatus permitted on the International Space Station, where it has been in service for several years. Jim owns and operates Pangaea Gases, LLC, specializing in environmental and safety instrument calibration. Jim is also Vice President of the Geauga County Tea Party.