CUYAHOGA: Braver Angels – Media Impact on Our Political Climate

Join us on January 17th where we will learn tips on how to have a civil conversation
when dealing with ‘hot’ topics, followed by a discussion on how we use the media to
form and confirm our positions. Share your thoughts and listen to others express theirs
on topics such as:
✔ What are the top 3 media sources that you access on a regular basis? (Print,
radio, TV, podcasts, social media)
✔ How might your choice of media impact how you view politics?
✔ Where do those sources fall on the media bias continuum?
Meeting format will be small group discussions allowing you to share your thoughts with fellow
Braver Angels from both sides of the aisle.
Join us for your opportunity to be heard and engage with others with opposing views!
Refreshments will be provided.

Dan Messina, Red Co-Chair Mary Ogden Blue Co-Chair

LAKE: Discussion – America vs the Fake News

Join LCLC on Tuesday October 24th for a short film presented by Lake County Commissioner John Plecnik, followed by a roundtable discussion on how conservatives can fight back against the “Fake News”. In addition to Mr. Plecnik, the panel will include:

Lake County GOP Chair Dale Fellows
Cuyahoga County GOP Chair Lisa Stickan
Geauga County GOP Chair Nancy McArthur
GOP Central Committeewoman Denise Verdi
GOP Central Committeeman Dan Carter