CUYAHOGA: Braver Angels: Our Rights Eroding? Responsibilities to Renew?

Join us on October 18th to discuss these two American rights. Reds identified “Equal Justice Under the Law” as the top concern & will initially focus on that right. Blues identified “Voting Rights” as a top concern & will initially focus on that one. Please come prepared to explain:
1. What do these rights mean to us – ho do we define them?
2. What are specific examples of how these rights appear to be eroding?
3. Why is this a concern to me, to the country?
The meeting format will then include small group discussions allowing you to share your thoughts with fellow Braver Angels from both sides of the aisle.
This meeting will be the second in a 3-part series as we delve further into our rights as American citizens. Attendance at all meetings is not required to participate. Each meeting will bring its own nuance, making it easy to join in on the discussion if you are unable to attend all sessions. Come when you can! For planning purposes, the date for meeting #3 is November 20th.
Join us for the opportunity to be heard and to hear from others about the issues of our time!
Dan Messina, Red Co-Chair & Mary Ogden, Blue Co-Chair