Citizens for Free Speech (Ohio) is offering an in-person Citizen Ninja Way Training Boot camp on July 7-8, 2023. We are looking for preliminary interest of OhioFAN Primary Members (group leaders) through the sign-up form below. Please scroll down. This Exclusive offer expires April 27, 2023.

WATCH this 2-minute video about the The Citizen Ninja Way training.

Training is facilitated by Mary Baker, author of Citizen Ninja: Stand Up to Power and Director of Training for Citizens for Free Speech.

Training is $50 per person and includes the Citizen Ninja: Stand Up to Power book, materials and lunch.

If you are interested and sincerely plan to attend this event, please complete and submit the pre-registration form below. Space is limited and we want to ensure we’ll have sufficient interest before finalizing arrangements with our speakers and the event venue.

To: OhioFAN Primary Members – Please submit pre-registration form by Thursday, April 27, 2023. After this date, any remaining seats will be opened to others to pre-register.

Local overnight accommodations: If you need overnight accommodations, please email us at We can provide hotel recommendations and may have local OhioFAN member(s) interested in accommodating you in their home(s).

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Here is what others are saying about The Citizen Ninja Way training.

As any leader knows, it is very important to have your team on the same page when sharing information with the public. Whether they’re at a school board, city council, or town hall meeting, or just meeting one-on-one with other people, if they say something inaccurate or the wrong way, it can undermine you whole team’s or group’s efforts.

As someone who has now taken Mary Baker’s Citizen Ninja training, I can honestly tell you that I wish I would have had it available when I was the State of Ohio Director of ACT for America for 8 years. I can tell you that I have always taken the approach of a sales manager of a sales force and that my reps (my team) were out there selling information to the public or elected officials for free. They were also planting seeds and you never know what those seeds will become in the way of future activists and leaders.

I also am pretty sure my team made a lot of mistakes…Imagine how hard it is to discuss Islam or the penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood into every level of our society. You can’t make any mistakes or you lose people.

Most of us agree that the Left is way ahead of us in controlling the narrative, controlling messaging, manipulating the language, manipulating the media and bullying their own to keep them in line.  With that in mind, it’s imperative that we continue to improve ourselves and our teams, and I firmly believe that taking Mary’s training is an excellent and affordable way to do so.


It is a pleasure for me to recommend Mary Baker’s excellent Citizen Ninja training. This course provides skills, strategies, and tactics for average citizens to engage in public discourse with confidence and effectiveness. Citizen Ninja training aims to educate and empower citizen leaders to become better prepared, discerning, credible, and self-reliant as they seek to move into fruitful civic participation and influence in public meetings. 

Being part of constructive solutions begins with focusing on real problems and being heard in often less-than-optimal circumstances. Passion and good intentions are insufficient to gain recognition and to affect positive change. Engaged citizens must be smart, strategic, and cohesive. 

Citizen Ninja training provides excellent tools and is valuable for everyone to stand up to power.  Mary Baker will provide the tools to engage confidently and effectively!


As a local liberty leader, I want my members to experience effective citizen engagement, where they feel that their hard work is not wasted and makes a difference in their local community and politics. After experiencing and practicing The Citizen Ninja Way in the public forum myself, I know that this training can make our local group members more confident and effective. When I attend the boot camp on July 7-8, I will also be learning how to bring this training ‘home’ to my members with the “Team Building Essentials”.


Last updated: April 12, 2023

Citizen Ninja Way Boot Camp Pre-registration Form

Citizen Ninja Way Boot Camp Pre-registration Form

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