ERIE: Join Us For America First–Ohio’s “Foundation-Build-Time”.

THIS Monday 4/10, 6:30 is America First – Ohio’s “Foundation-Build-Time”. You/your voice is needed!

We’re building a Foundation that will announce to Erie County, our State of Ohio and the Nation who we are, what we believe and where we draw the line. Of course God, Freedom and Truth are integral in our Foundation building.

Once finalized, this foundation becomes a very useful tool that declares our story, helps us assess Legislation, rate candidates and then support the most outstanding legislation and election candidates in their pre-election efforts for future May and November elections. Like a magnet, America First-Ohio’s rock-solid foundation will gather our local muscle, build cross-agency collaboration, and support/advocate for individual freedoms for pending Legislation.

At this meeting we’ll also review efforts to require a super majority percent to change the Ohio Constitution and a November referendum to add unrestricted abortion and gender transition surgery to the Ohio Constitution.

Plus, we’ll review the following current/pending legislation that protects and restores freedom and security: • HB 8: Parents Bill of Rights. • HB 6: Enact the Save Women’s Sports Act • HB 11 Backpack Scholarship Program: funding that allows students/parents determine the best Educational fit for their child.. • HB 17: (Sponsor) Prohibit state officials, employees from using TikTok, other apps. • HB 20: (Sponsor) Enact the Ohio Computer Crimes Act. • HB 51: enact the Second Amendment Preservation Act which adds additional protections to the right to bear arms, to remove federal firearms law references from the state firearms control law, and to declare an emergency. • HB 68 (Sponsor) To enact sections (to the Ohio Revised Code) regarding gender transition services for minors and to name this act the Ohio Saving Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act.

Be Well, Be Safe and Let Truth Be Your Banner…

Faith Stands and fear runs

Hallie & Steve Lippert

America First-Ohio Patriot Community Founders

Call or text: (419) 512-0664

We are growing at the Lord’s direction…

‘By Faith… you have to show yourself ALIVE’ 2 Cor 4:7

Happy Easter!

MEDINA: MCFAN Feb. 25th Meeting Sarah McGervey of Right to Life

Join us on Saturday February 25 at 9:00AM when MCFAN welcomes Sarah McGervey, Executive Director, Right to Life of Northeast Ohio. Sarah’s professional experience involves teaching in Catholic schools at the elementary, middle school and high school levels. She is part of a large extended family that has been involved with the pro-life mission for decades demonstrating advocacy for pro-life efforts from conception to natural death. Since starting in her role as Executive Director of Right to Life of Northeast Ohio, Sarah has begun work with a statewide coalition in Ohio to protect Ohio’s Constitution from being amended by a pro-choice amendment that would include abortion as “healthcare” similar to those that were passed in 5 other states.

Right to Life of Northeast Ohio works as a leader with pro-life groups from churches and organizations throughout northeast Ohio and offers unifying programs with the goal of one day ending the horror of legal abortion, and to continue to protect all life through natural death.

About MCFAN: Our meetings take place from 9:00 – 10:30 AM on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month. Our meeting venue is the Thirsty Cowboy (2743 Medina Rd., Medina). Cost for meetings is $5.00 per person to cover room rental and coffee. (No charge for first-time guests or octogenarians.)