HANCOCK: Biblical Principles of Freedom Constitution Series

The “America’s Biblical Principles of Freedom” class will begin next Thursday! If you want to attend (and haven’t yet registered) or have friends and/or family who would like to attend, please remind them that they need to get their RSVP in soon. The response has been great! Thank you to all of you who have advertised the class in your church, in your group, and to others!

The class will start on Thursday, March 2nd and end on March 23rd from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at Findlay First Church of the Nazarene, 2501 Broad Avenue, in Room 104. There is no book or cost to the class, but we need everyone to RSVP, so we know how many handouts to print and chairs to set up.

Here is a description of the class:

America’s Biblical Principles of Freedom Class

One of God’s greatest gifts to mankind is freedom, but it is one of the most fragile of God’s gifts. Sadly, the freedoms that were intended by our nation’s Founders have been gradually removed for generations until now we are at a tragic tipping point of losing them altogether. If we want to regain the freedoms we have lost and prevent more from being lost, then it’s time for the citizens of this country to understand and defend the biblical principles of freedom that God gave us!

In this 4-week class, you will learn:

* Lesson #1 – Our Forefathers’ Formula for Freedom as it is memorialized in a monument in Plymouth, MA
* Lesson #2 – The Biblical Principles of Freedom as stated in the Declaration of Independence
* Lesson #3 – How the Constitution Preserves our Freedoms and Prevents Tyranny
* Lesson #4 – How the 1st Amendment is the Foundation to Our Freedoms
The Original Intent of “Separation of Church and State”

Please continue to send this information on to friends and family! To RSVP or to ask questions, please contact Lisa Snaufer at 937-554-5624 or email lisasnaufer@yahoo.com.