The Sovereign Individual – Your Health

As we move into the winter season here in northeast Ohio, we will be exposed to what we commonly call “the cold and flu season”. Are the “bugs” actually worse this time of year, or are we just more susceptible to catching them?

Regardless, is there something we can do to stay healthier this year, without being totally dependent on the tyranny of the pharmaceutical industry? Come and join us to learn more about how to strengthen our immune systems naturally and how to naturally address the symptoms of colds and flu should we fall ill.

Location Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 28455 Center Ridge Rd, Westlake OH 44145

CUYAHOGA: The Sovereign Individual and the Global Walkout

Our source of personal power in a corrupt world lies in our individual strength and independence. Learn how to begin to uncouple yourself from the power of the global establishment and their “elites”.

We will also be reviewing candidates and issues on the November 8th election.