FIND a Local Group

Ohio Freedom Action Network is comprised of local freedom action groups.

Step 1: FIND a group near you from the list.

Step 2a: VISIT the group’s website or social media page to find the date, time and place of their next local meeting. –OR–

Step 2b: CLICK on the group’s email address and ask the date, time and place of their next local meeting.

Step 3: GO to the meeting.

Step 4: REPEAT Step 3 until the Constitutional Republic is restored.

List of Ohio Freedom Action Groups

National GroupsIssuesContactFind Online
Citizens for Free Speech – OhioTools and strategies for successful local
State-wide GroupsIssuesContactFind Online
Monday Night RoundtableConservative/Constitutional weekly radio talk show, and we
cover what others won’t!
EmpowerU AmericaTeaches free classes with the goal to
Educate Enjoy Engage
Local Liberty AssociationOrganizing liberty-minded businesses in Ohiolocallibertyassociation@protonmail.com
Grassroots Freedom InitiativeINSPIRE, EDUCATE , ACTIVATE , ADVOCATE, LITIGATE , UNITE GFIOhio@proton.me
Ohio School Board Constitution CoalitionOSBCC engages like-minded current, past and potential school board members from
across Ohio who want to advance an academics-first agenda.
Natural Family FoundationGoal to re-establish the Family in America as supported by the ” . . . laws of
nature and nature’s God”. We work with Churches, businesses and community
leaders in our efforts to promote our family values.
Clermont County –
IssuesContactFind Online
Friends of Liberty United
Supports actions surrounding Election
Integrity, Education Reform, Governmental Overreach (Mandates), and Constitutional Rights
Cuyahoga County – NEIssuesContactFind Online
The Westlake 9/12 ProjectConservative Christian educational organizationinfo@westlake912.net
NE Ohio Hugs Over MasksNon-partisan individuals working together to restore our natural liberties and freedoms by unmasking humanityelaineconnelly1@gmail.com
Ohioans Defending FreedomWe aim to create a community that fights for election integrity, second amendment
rights and conservative values.
Delaware County – CentralIssuesContactFind Online
Ohio United 4 AmericaEmpowering citizens to become actively engagedEWattsOhio@gmail.com
Erie County – NWIssuesContactFind Online
America First-OhioSpeakers and discussion on relevant issues of our
Franklin County – CentralIssuesContactFind Online
Ohio Patriots AllianceTrain grassroots organizers in precinct strategy to run for county central
committees and other public offices.
Westerville Tea PartyUnite, Inform, Empower, and Activate freedom-loving citizens to peacefully achieve greater libertysuellen.king@kingthompson.com
Geauga County – NEIssuesContactFind Online
Geauga County Tea PartyEducating, Organizing and Inspiring citizens to participate in our political processadmin@geaugacountyteaparty.com

Hocking County – SEIssuesContactFind Online
Ohio Community Organizing County by CountyOrganizing teams
involved at the Local levels of government.
Hancock County – NWIssuesContactFind Online
Hancock County Conservative ActionLocal, State, and National
Lake County – NEIssuesContactFind Online
Lake County Liberty CoalitionPursuing liberty through educationlakecountylibertycoalition@reagan.com
Lorain County – NWIssuesContactFind Online
Totally Engaged Americans (TEA)Educate, organize and mobilize in pursuit of libertyinfo@totallyengagedamericans.org
Lucas County – NWIssuesContactFind Online
Oregon ClubWe work with
local conservatives and republicans to educate , inform and further
conservative candidates
Medina County – NEIssuesContactFind Online
Medina County Friends and NeighborsOur mission is to build a coalition of
conservative grassroots support in Medina County in order
to preserve and promote the Constitution
Ohio Freedom FightersOhio Freedom Fighters (OFF) is a group of concerned citizens, business owners
and families dedicated to protecting our Biblical and Constitutionally rights.
Miami County – SWIssuesContactFind Online
Miami County Liberty GroupSupports constitutional government, fiscal responsibility and individual
Perry County – SEIssuesContactFind Online
Perry County Patriots AlliancePromoting civic involvement and self-governance kgroves@gmail.com
Richland County – NEIssuesContactFind Online

More to come!

Stark County – NEIssuesContactFind Online
We the People CantonMeets weekly to address current issues and give
hope for the renewal of our Republic
Summit County – NEIssuesContactFind Online
Summit County Tea PartyA bi-partisan group which aligns with the US Constitution and the Bill of
Rights, especially #1 & #2. Preserving citizens way of life and living as a free society. God and country are
our focus
Wood County – NWIssuesContactFind Online
Perrysburg Stands UpLocal public school watchdog and parents rights and school choicePerrysburgStandsUp@gmail.com