Join the Ohio Freedom Action Network as an OhioFAN action group. There are a number of benefits.

List of benefits

  • Group events listed on OhioFAN calendar (This benefit is available for non-member groups as well.)
  • Group listed on website
  • Access to password-protected page on website
  • OhioFAN Tool Belt
  • Access to work groups’ products (knowledge base, strategy documents, etc.)
  • Potential participation in a work group
  • Group calls to action listed on OhioFAN website
  • Regional Network Meetings
  • Statewide Network Meetings
  • Speaker’s Bureau List
  • Training (future)
  • Opportunity to be an OhioFAN regional coordinator
  • PRINT this list of Member Benefits

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Primary membership: The primary members of the Ohio Freedom Action Network are leaders of local freedom action-oriented groups in Ohio.

Individual membership: We welcome individuals who are also interested in giving their time and talent to further the purposes of the organization.

Statewide and National Group membership: Membership is also available for leaders of statewide and national groups having a location in Ohio. We welcome your time and talent to further the purposes of the organization.

Questions? Feel free to email us at

Application to become an OhioFAN Action Group

Directions:  1) Complete this form.  2) Click Submit button. Form will be reviewed for approval by OhioFAN Executive Committee.  3) Upon approval, pay fee.

OhioFAN Membership Application Form
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