Call to Action: Celebrate Natural Family Month: Mother’s Day (5/12/24) to Father’s Day (6/16/24)


The organizers at the Natural Family Foundation are working hard to strengthen the natural family bonds, restore core principles within marriage (commitments, dedication and faith) and encourage society to return to a familial system that has worked for thousands of years.
It is a positive movement that is seeking to ensure the revitalization of marriage between a man and woman with the added bonus of creating many offspring and modeling Family for the next generation.
Family, that ensures emotionally and physically healthy next generation, is a lost and dying construct.

Take Action – Take the Pledge

Click this link to sign the pledge supporting the Natural Family

I PLEDGE to support the restoration and concept of the natural family; I believe the family is the foundation of all strong societies including the United States.I BELIEVE the natural family consists solely of: one biological born man and one biological born woman committed in a lifelong monogamous relationship to include their biological and or adopted children.
I COMMIT myself to work with others to help strengthen this concept, and gladly add my name to the list of Natural Family Foundation supporters.
I WILL DO everything within my power to encourage the growth of the natural family and to put it in the prominent place it must occupy in order for this republic to continue to be the greatest nation on earth.


Send the following resolution to your local churches, civic groups, city/county government bodies, family-friendly businesses, etc.
I would like to ask [ ______ group, congregation, council, etc] to consider making a proclamation that would promote a month long celebration of the centuries-old tradition of the Natural family, acknowledging this age-old institution’s proper place in today’s America and especially in our community of ________________.
This celebration would rightfully start on Mother’s day in May and end with Father’s day in June. Each week would recognize & honor family components: first, Mothers, then Children, then Grandparents, next Extended Family, & finally a week celebrating Fathers, ending on Father’s day. My hope is that by this official recognition, we would start our way back to stronger families & stronger children whose optimism, resiliency, and character help to plant seeds of hope and promise in their towns and cities.
Natural Family Month will be celebrated May 14th – June 18th, 2023 — Mother’s Day to Father’s Day. We encourage groups, organizations and individuals to join in this month of celebrating the natural family in public ways to enrich and uplift families in our communities.